Dealing with different kind of women.

Last week my friend come to see me. She was here some hours and my toddler son was being typical toddler and typical boy. He was running around and being loud and makeing mess. I am used to it. I think so it is more not healthy if we make our children to play quiet and alone and supress theyre personalitys. My son being the way he is makes me proud that actualy he is just a healthy growing boy. For sure it is some times when he throws things in frustration because he can not have what he wants,, but this is part of being toddler and testing limits. My friend said to me, “your son is out of control, how do you deal with it, you look tired etc.” (My friend is not a mother). And she sugested a child psychiatrist. (My son is 2 years old)


For sure when some one criticises your child you will feel defense and be very fast to correct them. I said to her “you know, he is normal and healthy with energetic temprament. Each one child is different”. I think so she realised she had ofended me a little bit and had maybe expressed her point wrong. She corrected her self and said, “Well, you know I think you will be a great mother to daughters,, you are just very soft to be a mother to boys.”


I did not have to ask her what she means when she said, “too soft” because it is some thing she and another women have said to me very many times. It is painfull if we let it to be, and for sure if we are criticised about the same point many times we must to look to ourself and see actualy what are our faults so we can work on them. But in the end of the day, I believe we can not change who we are and our character, fundamentaly. We can inprove but we are still us with our own temprament and personality.

I was a little upset recentley when a group of women friends (who I am usualy a part of that friend ship group) decided to go for paint balling for one womans birthday. It was all women group and it would have been lovely to be invited. When you are a mother you do not get chance to go out very much. My friend last week was talking how fun it was and I tryed to hide that I was feeling little bit left out. She probabley noticed my feeling and said, “We did not invite you and Maria because we knew you two hate paint balling”. I said “actualy, paint balling is fun.” She started to laugh and said it was funny even to imagine me paint balling and that would I wear high heels?


I do not want to make my friend seem not kind, truthfuly she has a wonderfull heart. But I know some times our diferences annoy her. She calls me, a “doll” and says I am very fragile. But the truth is imo, it is not a weakness to be more feminine or sensitive. Every one we have our own strength and weakness and perhaps we are suposed to be that way. Some women have strength in diferent ways that I admire very much. For example,, I know some women who are very ambitios with theyre career. That is wonderfull and some thing that I do not possess. But that does not some how make me and other women with more home making and soft temprament some how better than us.



It was some time to write any thing here so first I must say I hope you had a blessed Christmas, blessed New Year and Epiphany.

I do not have very many thoughts I feel very worthey of shareing right now. So this will be a little boring of a post, I guess. But thanks to God my family and I are doing well. I have been writing some very (amateaur) poetry in my free time and I hope so some of them will be enough good to share in this blog soon.

I am feeling thankfull and loveing, I have some days where the greif for my father feels very strong but the greif is changeing slowly in to beautifull memorys.


I know I am feeling better because I have started bakeing again!! That is a good sign for me.


So with this post only I will conclude with saying thanks to our Lord, and to offer prayers for anyone reading this who they need prayers.


And I hope so I can write a more interesting blog post very soon.

Diogenes is still awake

But he can not love his bride

Georgia is a trembling one

She has run to hide.


Diogenes heart is full

But he can not let it free

Georgia is locked in misplaced love

Not where she wants to be.


He went on his knees to pray

First he did not know what to say

A sinner like him black like tar

Did not know forgiveness

Was not so far away.


His heart was broke

His mind some times mad

His smile was only half

His eyes was always sad.


He loved her for one minute

He could not love her more

He closed his heart and run

Out of the marital door.


He loved her for one minute

One minute could not suffice

Diogenes remain her love

Her virtue and her vice.










“Rejoice, O Mother,
beholding Me as a Babe and resting in thine arms;
for I have come to take away all the pain of Adam,
which he suffered because of the evil counsel of the serpent.
Tasting of the tree he found himself removed from the
sweetness of Paradise
and subject to corruption.”

(Forefeast of Nativity)