What hapened to working on love?

I think so some times we think love is suposed to be a perfect easy thing which comes easy. Some thing never will make you feel pain,, and never be dificult or require effort and work.

I am not judging this woman,, I only want to give it as example. A woman I do not know well, I can say she is acquaintance. She and her husband have got 3 beautiful sons,, and if I ever saw a couple very in love I would say it was them. So beautiful couple who always was seeming very in love. I saw her on the weekend and she introduced me to her fiance, for sure I was feeling very shocked, and she said she had divorce from her husband before 6 months.

I can not judge her, I do not know theyre story. It is between them.and God. But I can feel,, what is hapening? Maybe in the situation of this woman and her husband it was bad circumstances, But it hapens with very many people. How many times people seem happy the one moment and the next moment they are divorced?

I know how it is to experience dificult times in your marriage, I know how it is to feel you are not strong enough to continue with the marriage. But we make vows, we make promise. To our spouse and to the Lord. When dificult times come,, and for sure they hapen, do we just quit? We say ok we are tired let us move to the next one and start again? What about the children? We can pursue our own “happyness” with the expense of our childrens?

Love some times is not easy, some times love will “crown you” and other times “crucify you”. This is what it means to be in this world, it is our ship and is not our home. We must to pray for strength to not throw love out of the door when only it needs a little bit of fresh air. We must to work for it.

2 thoughts on “What hapened to working on love?

  1. Hmjs

    You wrote in a comment that Do not think so she is lying with intention,, the female brain in many women is very capable to convince her self that actualy it WAS rape..

    Of course this brain will work likewise in everything, every day, every time; soon as it is crossed by an emotion (a drive, an interest) it will bend and reshape perception, memory, and judgment, to think things that fit the wants and emotions of the moment.

    This is why I have renounced the hope of dating, romance, marriage, love, after numerous experiences with numerous women of all kinds.

    Because they can’t be really honest (with themselves, and their close ones) , and then I also can’t be really honest with them.
    There’s a lot of pretending to be accepted from them, to be granted to them, and so on.
    I don’t deserve this. This is not for me.
    They are lucky that they can find many men compatible with their kind of brain; as for me I am not.



    1. Thank you for commenteing. 😊

      Re. That comment. Please take it in the correct context. Yes women can shape a “idea” that way with emotion if it exists enough out side insentive to do so. I did not say ALL women,, I stated only what it is capable of – the female brain.

      Human nature has insentive to fall to vice. That is not some thing only for women, men also have the potential to fall to very many vice. It is only that is manifest in diferent ways.

      With that comment it was about a woman who with the correct environment influence and insentive, complete with fallen to life of vice, for sure she can really beleive that.

      I will never say women are not capable of logic thought and nobel action,, because if I said that I would be saying our Lord made us women with out moral agencey. And I beleive with all my heart and I know with my mind, that is not the case.

      There is bad men and there is bad women. I was mean only one posible particalar vice some women can do. Please do not think so all are the same. We are not.

      I understand your frustrations about that about that because it is valid,, but it is also not the be all end all.


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