Lonelyness and older people.

Young woman holding hand of old man with walking stick
Young woman holding hand of old man with walking stick

Sometimes I think how crazy it is that in this so busy world, there are people lonely. We come together in our family’s and groups and have fun and we some times forget about the people who do not have it. Maybe we are not conciusly tryeing to forget it or ignore it, maybe sometimes we just can not even see it.


Especialy when we are in the younger part of our lifes, sometimes we are very busy and focused on other things. It can be very overwhelming, especialy if you are more introverted. There is so much to do, and if you are a parent you know that for sure! My father was a man who loved his schedule, in sickness in his last year’s it become more pronounce I think so because that is some thing he could control. Every day at 7 pm his favorite show come on the television, He liked to have his dinner at 6.15 so he would be relaxed ready to watch his favorite show. There was days I would feel overwhelmed with that in the last one year of his life. There was days I would give his dinner and not sit with him to watch his show, I would make myself busy with some thing else. If in that time I knew it I had only months remaining with my papa I would have sit with him all the time. I am sure he was feeling lonely many times that I was busy with the baby, or busy cleaning up and did not sit next to him. And then the times even I was not busy but I would go to my bedroom and sit to “breathe” for 2 minutes than become 10 minutes. I wish I could take back that, I wish he never ever was feeling lonely. I comfort myself by remembring he knew how much he was loved. And he was blessed with daughters who adore him.


Older people and sick people some times feel lonely very much. And I said above there is so many of us in this world, why must even one of God’s children feel lonely? My father was blessed because he had his daughters  (And we was blessed to have him). Some times I think about older people with out family and it makes me sad for them. I think we must all try to take some one in to our life who does not have many people. We will be company for them but we also gain very much from them. I talk very much with a older lady recentley who has had a dificult life God bless her. But you know we can spend 2 hours on the phone late at night!! Imagine – me 27 years old and she is 70. But we just can talk talk talk. We are not different, old and young. There is no reason for some one to be lonely. I want to make a effort to make friends and time for more people that are older and who do not have family or many friends.


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